School Improvement


Sola Fide C of E Multi-Academy Trust: School Improvement  

It is our ambition … that all schools within Sola Fide:

‘All meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out.’                  Lou Tice

Vision, mission and ethical values must be intrinsic across organisations if there is any chance of maintaining and sustaining long lasting growth, development and excellent standards for all children; inclusivity is key.

Outstanding process and procedure are essential as an indicator of required practice and overall expected performance.

Reflective practitioners make the best practitioners.

Expansion and growth must be measured and progressive so that practices can be embedded and become unwritten elements of ongoing development.

Collaborative learning opportunities through joint practice development ensure consolidated learning and expansion of thought, transforming new ideas into reality.

The goal of Sola Fide is to establish interdependency; an acknowledgement that there are some things that can only be resolved by groups of people working together.

The Trust, through its central coaching approach, challenges the status quo across all levels: ‘individually’ via rigorous appraisal; ‘collectively’ evaluating outcomes from the work of stakeholder groups; and ‘whole school’ across all aspects of school leadership via a comprehensive quality assurance process.

School Improvement Model:

Self-Evaluation and Quality Assurance